What is Cellulite and what are its remedies?

Cellulite is like an annoying and interfering neighbour that is almost impossible to avoid. Anybody in their developing age can grow this troublesome skin problem. It comes to appearance when collagen fibres (naturally contained in skin) gets stretched and damaged, resulting to enlargement of fat cells. Cellulite, also known as subcutaneous fat, (fat beneath the skin), forces against the connective tissues, resulting to puckering of skin and forming a bumpy appearance.

Anyone at any age can have cellulite. There is no connection whether someone is overweight; but sometimes, losing weight help in reducing reduce cellulite besides cellulite reduction treatment.Although it has no medical hazard, nor any health risks, cellulite formation can be a vexing problem, especially when someone wants to flaunt in a bathing suit, sleeveless/backless blouse or short dresses. Cellulite reduction treatment have long been the usual standard method to deal cellulite problems.

Factors causing cellulite:

  • An assembly of physical, physiological, hormonal, genetic issues leads to cellulite
  • Changes in metabolism of the body, diet and exercise routines
  • Changes in connective tissue structure
  • Poor functioning lymphatic system
  • High-stress lifestyles causing excessive adrenaline secretion

Women’s skin is anatomically abundant of fatty cells specially in thigh and hip areas. Oestrogen release also reduces collagen production thereby, dropping the skin elasticity factor in turn, increasing the chances of cellulite.

Cellulite reduction treatment: the treatment aims 4 outcomes

  • Removing accumulated deposits,
  • Stimulating the circulatory activity (particularly lymphatic drainage)
  • Strengthening the retentive collagen structure
  • Remodelling of skin.

Implementing cellulite reduction treatment:

After a thorough examination of the skin, dermatologists prescribes a customised treatment proposal which carefully combines designated methods and techniques like ‘Carboxy, Mesotherapy and Bipolar Fractional Radiofrequency’.

Carboxy therapy comprises of charging a particular skin area with a controlled dose of carbon dioxide.

  • First, the rush of carbon dioxide breaks the fat-cells without harming the remaining skin and nerves.
  • Secondly, as a natural response to gas infusion, oxygen-rich blood reaches to the area and the carbon dioxide leaves the body through lungs. This circulation rush reinvigorates the lethargic lymphatic system that caused cellulite-influenced fat, toxins and waste accumulation.
  • Thirdly, the supply of oxygen stimulates fat burning and promoting collagen remodelling making skin profuse and smoother.

Mesotherapy sends a ‘medicine bullet’ of vitamins, with other therapeutically ingredients, straight into the middle layer of skin (mesoderm) using a micro-injection. Skin works its charm and heals the targeted areas after the procedure. The cells get together and becomes metabolically active thus, restoring connective tissue, stimulating the production of natural collagen and accelerating elastin production.

Bipolar Fractional Radiofrequency kindles body’s natural remedial course and quickens collagen growth. Therefore, skin becomes soft and smooth with reduced uneven texture.

One may feel a scratchy , prickly sensation during the treatment and the target area can appear somewhat sunburnt. However, this disappears soon after the treatment procedure. Post-procedure recovery is short with negligible side effects. Cellulite decreases significantly and skin becomes noticeably even and smooth. Before taking up the procedure, consult your dermatologist and have a follow up session after cellulite reduction treatment.Be rest assured, your skin will feel new and it will have amplified defence against cellulite formation.

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