What is a Lean mass gainer and its benefits?

Building your muscles steadily so that they gain strength and definition? Enlist the help of lean mass gainers for better results.

Muscle building is not just about gaining bulk and becoming (and appearing) heavier. It is possible to build muscle despite maintaining your lean frame.

Understanding lean muscle mass building…

Lean muscle mass is muscle with minimal amounts of fat. It is said to be the strongest kind of muscle, with higher endurance for intense exercise and more resistance to injury. It also repairs itself faster after workout-related soreness and inflammation.

  • Thus, lean muscle is ideal for those who wish to have strength and agility and make the most of their diet and exercise routines.
  • It is achieved by regular strength training and resistance workouts. However, the muscle must gain mass by upping the intensity of the exercise every few days. Challenging the muscles is a good way to gain lean muscle mass.
  • Another great way to gain lean muscle mass is to invest in a BigMuscles mass gainer protein supplement. It not only builds muscle, but also speeds up recovery of traumatised muscles and helps them gain strength over each passing day.

Why buy quick mass gainers – and why they are essential for you

A lean mass gainer helps the muscles repair and build themselves, thus adding to your exercise and dietary efforts. Be sure to pick a quality supplement with zero sugar and minimum fats, and which is high on protein.

The best lean mass gainer supplements today serve up 388 calories, 25 gm of pure protein, 70 gm of carbohydrate and 110 gm of calcium per serve of 100 grams. The scoop of lean mass gainer must be added to 250 ml of water and consumed or unsweetened milk and consumed either 30 minutes before the workout, or immediately after the workout.

Don’t fancy the taste of muscle gain supplements? Buy a quick mass gainer with flavours and minus any added sugars: cookie and cream, strawberry and malt chocolate.

The essential lean mass muscle building substances

* Creatinine: It is a naturally-occurring molecule present in the body, to provide energy to the tissues and muscles. Its production can be considerably helped along by adding a lean mass gainer to your diet.

* Protein: You must ideally consume more protein every day than your body is able to break down. The excess is then utilised to build and maintain muscle mass.

* Weight gainer supplements: These are supplements that provide more calories than you burn every day, and are recommended for skinny folks who struggle to gain weight. However, their consumption must be backed by regular cardio so that the excess calories do not turn into fat.

* BCAAs: The Branched Chain Amino Acids consist of valine, leucine and isoleucine, which are found in meat, milk, eggs, poultry, fish and lean mass gainers.

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