5 things you need to know before you go for an ICSI treatment

ICSI is a known fertility treatment. Essentially a part of an IVF treatment, it is used when the sperm is incapable of making it to the egg. In ICSI, the sperm from the male partner is extracted using a hollow needle and injected into the egg. The fertilised egg then develops into an embryo and is placed in the uterus of the mother.

The process is widely preferred by doctors at a icsi fertility clinic in Chennai thanks to the benefits it has for couples struggling with infertility and looking to conceive. Before you go for the process, you must know what it entails.

Let’s look the few things you must know before going for an ICSI treatment.

ICSI is not a standalone treatment

ICSI is a part of the IVF treatment. In IVF, ideally, the eggs, and the sperm are combined in a laboratory. However, in case the sperm cannot fertilise the egg for any reason, ICSI can be used to inject the sperm directly into the egg. This makes the fertilisation easier.

ICSI can improve the success rate of fertility treatment

In ICSI, the sperm is directly injected to the sperm. This increases the chances of the sperm fertilising the egg. Hence, despite the problems with fertility, ICSI can increase the chances of fertilisation and help you conceive.

ICSI can help you with male infertility

Male infertility can happen because of factors like sperm motility, morphology, or quality. In case of any issue with the sperms such as when the sperm cannot travel to the egg, or penetrate the egg, fertilisation becomes impossible. ICSI overcomes this by injecting the sperm directly into the egg. This can easily overcome male infertility and help you on your way to parenthood.

ICSI is not risky

You might be apprehensive about going for ICSI thinking it to be risky. However, studies show that ICSI is one of the safest procedures to treat infertility and help you conceive. There have been no reports of birth defects or any harm to the parents after ICSI.

The cost of ICSI is additional to IVF

ICSI is not a part of every IVF treatment. Doctors opt for it only when there is an issue with the sperm. Thus, in general, IVF costs do not cover the ICSI treatment costs. In case the doctors find it necessary to go for an ICSI treatment, you would have to pay for it over and above what you are paying for the IVF treatment.

ICSI is performed by experienced doctors at fertility clinics. Chennai has some of the best ICSI clinics in the country, headed by experienced medical experts. These clinics feature state-of-the-art medical equipment, along with the adoption of the latest medical procedures. Ensure that you choose the clinic in Chennai carefully. Some factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a clinic, are the qualification and experience of the doctors, the equipment used, the infrastructure of the clinic, the treatment cost of ICSI, and the reviews of the treatment.

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