Profhilo – the new age beauty treatment and everything you need to understand about it

Profhilo treatments are non-surgical techniques applied to the face, neck, arms, breasts, or hands to revive, rejuvenate, and revitalize ageing skin. Italian-born Profhilo immediately gained popularity and has remained so ever since, prompting consultants, beauticians, and therapists to offer the treatment. Profhilo is a skin hydration cream that is enriched with hyaluronic acid, in addition to boosting the skin and remodelling ageing and sagging tissue. In addition to treating skin laxity in the face, neck, hands, arms, knees, and abdomen, it can also be used to effectively treat skin laxity on the neck, hands, arms, and abdomen. Men and women can benefit from the treatment, which is suitable for patients of all ages.

The Profhilo filler differs from other dermal fillers despite being injectable. To nourish the skin, hyaluronic acid is utilized within Profhilo. The metabolized hyaluronic acid works together with the skin, encouraging the production of natural collagen and elastin. A Profhilo skin injection will diminish the appearance of wrinkles and provide the illusion of younger and rejuvenated skin by replacing and regenerating the hyaluronic acid produced in young bodies. As a whole, it is highly regarded as a good treatment for reducing the appearance of skin laxity, provided it is performed by a qualified and reputable practitioner. 

When should you consider Profhilo skin treatment?

Women and men who are more than 30 years with saggy skin, wrinkles, dry skin, or chapped lips are likely to benefit from Profhilo skin treatments. Typically, aging skin looks tired, saggy, and wrinkled since our bodies begin to produce less of the hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin that they produce when we are young. This makes many adults uncomfortable, especially when the changes are premature. To remedy this, some undergo cosmetic procedures, like Profhilo skin injections. 

Unlike some other treatments, it does not have a maximum age limit and can be used to reverse and repair a wide range of ageing symptoms. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that patients over the age of 60 who suffer from more severe ageing may experience less benefit from the treatment or may be helped by combining it with other treatments. Before starting your treatment, you should check the following:

  • Always make sure that the practitioner is experienced. Find out if they are members of a medical or aesthetic registry.
  • During the treatment, ask how they plan to minimize discomfort or pain.
  • If the treatment could have side effects, ask about them.
  • Pre-Plan the number of treatments needed to achieve your desired outcome and the cost of the procedures.
  • You should avoid going for it if you are unsure of the safety of the treatment or the practitioner’s abilities.
  • If something goes wrong or if you are not satisfied with the results, ask what will be done.
  • Find out if you will be seen again.
  • You should ask the doctor what kind of aftercare he recommends.

What is the Profhilo treatment process?

1.)  The pre-treatment process: During the 24 hours preceding your Profhilo skin treatment, you should refrain from drinking alcohol. In addition, aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs should not be taken unless they are prescribed for chronic medical conditions. If you are in pain, your clinician will apply numbing cream to prevent you from feeling it, so you are not required to take any further painkillers. You may bruise temporarily if you do take these. Ensure you are fully prepared for pre-treatment by asking your consultant for a more detailed list of requests. 

2.)  Performing the procedure: Profhilo stimulates the dermal cells over a prolonged period. A series of small injections delivered into the skin deliver Profhilo, which stimulates cellular receptors to improve and restore firmness and counteract slackness. A 50/50 combination of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is in Philo. Hyaluronic acid of low and high molecular weight provides the skin with different benefits. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid lifts the skin. Specifically, the epidermis (the top layer of skin) is hydrated by the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

After Profhilo treatment, the stabilizing product remains in the skin for about a month. Long-lasting, it moisturizes the skin gradually and stimulates the production of four types of collagen and elastin. Many of these components break down over time, resulting in premature ageing of the skin. The Profhilo treatment improves the skin’s quality both in the dermis and epidermis, so the anti-ageing benefits are maximized.

There are no permanent effects from hyaluronic acid treatments. After a time, the body will absorb the ingredients. The process is slow, so they won’t disappear in an instant. To maintain the benefits gained from Profhilo, six treatments every six months are sufficient after the initial treatment.

Profhilo’s benefits: what are they?

In addition to giving skin a boost of hydration, Philo is said to ‘bio-remodel’ it. As a result, the skin is lifted to give an incredibly rejuvenating effect. This is done by stimulating the stimulation of collagen and elastin, the two molecules that contribute to skin’s elasticity and firmness.

How risky is Profhilo’s treatment?

A person properly qualified, trained, and experienced administers Profhilo, so there is very little chance that something will go wrong. Profhilo injections can be dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced practitioner. Examples include:

  • Poor technique or contaminating the product can cause serious reactions on the skin. For example, an allergic reaction can cause rashes and excessive swelling.
  • When your hygiene is poor, you can get infections and permanent scarring on your face, as well as spread to other areas of your body.
  • The risk of a Profhilo injection into the bloodstream and blocking it is small if the person performing the treatment does not have a thorough understanding of human anatomy. Eventually, the skin will die (necrosis), and you will become blind. Strokes are possible if an artery is hit.

Each person has different side effects, so addressing them before they cause damage that can last for years is crucial. There is, however, a very low chance of adverse reactions to this procedure, making it among the safest available. 

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