Why is eye cream so important for usage in Dubai?

Why is eye cream so important for usage in Dubai?

Looking for the very best eye cream in Dubai? Kaya Skin Products has one of the best options pertaining to under eye cream in UAE. Of course, you may wish to use an eye serum in UAE but that is a different category and is a complementary option in reality. The skin around your eyes is more fragile and prone to acute dryness and this shows up faster than you think! This is what is known as signs of aging and overall fatigue. Constant eye movement and squinting also speed up the appearance of wrinkles and lines and there are fluids collecting under the eyes which lead to higher puffiness and dark circles as well. Eye creams may help greatly in tackling some of these problems.

Wrinkles and fine lines may appear due to higher sun damage and lesser collagen creation by your skin. Collagen helps in maintenance of overall skin elasticity while production of the same is enhanced greatly by peptides, Vitamin C and retinol alike, as per various reports and studies. Other helping agents include hyaluronic acid and Ceramide as well. Using the right eye cream or brightening eye serum in UAE is highly recommended as a result. The right cream helps combat loss of water in the skin under the eyes while enhancing overall levels of elasticity at the same time. Retinol is a great agent and can help in combating dark circles caused by genetics, aging, sun damage, build-up of blood and likewise.

Vitamin C or Sodium Ascorbate may help in thickening skin and concealing dark circles after a period of approximately 6 months or so. Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide will also help in lightening dark circles along with Kojic acid. Puffiness is basically the build-up of fluid under the eyes along with blood. Studies have reported that caffeine may help greatly in better circulation, thereby leading to lower puffiness as well. Some other reports have indicated that cold temperatures are similarly effective for treating puffiness levels. Hence, people tend to refrigerate eye creams frequently.

Choosing the best eye cream in Dubai

Kaya Skin Products offers the very best eye cream in Dubai, namely the Purifying Nourisher. This has been tailored for combating dryness, acne and oiliness of skin along with being a non-greasy, gentle and safe formula that is absorbed faster into the skin as well. It greatly lowers irritation of skin while also soothing and nourishing it at the same time and ensuring higher suppleness.  

It contains soothing Aloe Vera oil which moisturizes the skin excellently while being anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and anti-viral too. The oil safeguards skin from damage due to free radicals while wound recovery is also enhanced at the same time. Tautness of the skin is enhanced while skin irritation goes down as well. The almond oil contained in the product ensures lower dryness, irritation and spots as well. This oil is beneficial for puffiness of the eyes, face and skin while helping combat acne too.

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