Different Locations To Experience When Planning ATrip To California

Being one of the largest states in the United States, California has much to see and offers everything from beaches, to vineyards, to mountains for skiing. With the typically more mild climate throughout the state, a lot of people have selected to call California home and that is why the amount of people and cost of living there are very high. This article will discuss some of the best places to go in this state from Southern California and the beaches and the delicious organic rooibos tea you can buy to the wonderful national Park called Yosemite. It also mentions the majestic Redwoods national park and see the largest trees you have ever seen to seeing all of the various cultural sights in San Francisco including a fun place to have a cup of organic white tea.

When a lot of people think of travelling to California they think of going to Southern California that is famous for the beaches, the tourist attractions and the entire celebrity and Hollywood movie vibe. The San Diego region is one of the perfect places for families to visit because of the wonderful beaches and all of the family friendly resorts located near some great attractions such as Disneyland, Sea World, Legoland and the San Diego Zoo. It could be too much to attempt to go to all of those places in one vacation and maybe just visit two of your top choices.

If you like going to urban areas and like to see different sights and cultures too, San Francisco is a great place to go. It is quite hilly and is famous for the cable cars that take people all over the city and up and down the hillsides of the city. It has a big Asian population, so make certain to go to Chinatown to get some of the best Asian food you have ever tasted. Take a ferry ride over to the island of Alcatraz and go on a tour of this famous jail site. Fisherman’s Wharf is a fun place to see and walk around and be sure to buy some yummy fresh seafood there in addition to stopping at Ghirardelli’s to buy some famous chocolate.

If nature and the outdoors are the kind of holiday you want think about visiting one of the wonderful National Parks in California. The most famous one in California is Yosemite. It is a wonderful park to see in your car as well as on foot if you are interested in taking some day hikes. If you are exploring Yosemite National park, plan to spend a few days as it is very big. The natural beauty of this great park is captivating.

Another wonderful national park in this beautiful state is known as Redwood National State Park. This park has the largest trees in the world with huge sequoia and redwoods all in the forest here. This is a sight that people of all ages will remember for a lifetime and one of the most fun activities is to drive directly through the bottom of one of these giant trees.

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