Famous types of assisted reproductive treatment

What is Assisted Reproductive Treatment?

With growing stress, sedentary lifestyle, change in dietary habits, etc. many couples today face trouble in conceiving naturally. However, assisted reproductive treatment comes as a savior for such couples. Assisted reproductive treatment or assisted reproductive technology combines a series of treatments that help people to have a baby.

What are the famous types of assisted reproductive treatment?

Assisted reproductive treatment or ART covers a wide range of treatments depending upon different factors: age, causes of infertility, etc. Let’s see the popular ART treatments. 

1. Donor Treatment:

Donor treatment is one of the most sought after assisted reproductive procedures used by couples today. Donor sperm, embryos and eggs can be utilized for facilitating ART treatments.

i. Donor insemination –

This sperm of a donor is used in case of inability to produce normal sperms, chances of passing on an abnormality or genetic disease to a child, and so on.

The process of donor insemination is similar to artificial insemination wherein the sperm used is of a donor and not of the male partner in relation with.

ii. Donor eggs –

If the woman is unable to produce eggs or if her eggs are of low quality.  

Initially, the egg donor undergoes the process for egg collection. Thereafter, the sperms from the male partner or sperm donor will be combined with donor eggs. Two to five days later, the embryo transfer will take place and will be inserted in the woman’s uterus.

iii. Donor embryos:

This treatment is possible if a couple or person is in need of donor eggs and donor sperms. The process is thereafter the same as mentioned in donor eggs.

2. In-vitro fertilization:

In-vitro fertilization or IVF is a treatment used for conceiving the baby outside the body. The treatment is used due to various reasons, but it is majorly used for women whose fallopian tubes are blocked due to disease or are damaged. This blockage leads to an obstruction between sperm and egg to meet and hence, IVF is used to allow fertilization. In IVF, the sperm from the male partner or donor and woman’s eggs are collected in a culture dish in laboratory. Both eggs and sperms are allowed to fertilize to form an embryo. Later, the embryo is transferred into the woman’s uterus and aids couples in conceiving the baby. The IVF cost of treatment in Bengaluru varies from facility to facility, and hence, couples must take this decision wisely.

3. Surrogacy:

Surrogacy is one of the treatments of ART wherein the surrogate mother carries a child for another couple or person and intends to surrender the child to that couple or person immediately after giving birth.

Choosing the right type of ART depends on the couple’s preference and the doctor’s advice after analyzing the individual health conditions of the couple.

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