Stay Out Of Using Hair Removal Cream

A study found that 60-70 percent of the women do not know how to care for the most valuable part of their body. Even there are some very common things, which could cause wounds to women’s genitalia. Many women are using her without knowing it. As a result, many types of infections, diseases of women in diseases of the grain. What is the habit that makes women unknowingly the most important and sensitive …Damage the part?


Many nails and ears like genitalia … cut the necklace. And this type of metal is likely to cause lethal infection of your genitalia. In addition to sexual intercourse, these types of jewelry can be very harsh and painful

Hair Removal Cream:

Women use hair remover cream for genitalia. But this kind of chemicalized cream can cause allergic reactions in genital and surrounding areas. Sensitive skin can swell.

Repeated wash:

Many people wash their wrinkles with water repeatedly to maintain cleanliness. Which should never be. It cleanses the natural oily substance of genitalia and makes the place dry and rough, so that there may be a scar or blow.

Additional soap use:

Soap like water dried genitalia. As a result of this problem, there may be problems like allergic or chemicals, as well as allergic or infection-related problems.


Tattoos on bikini line has become very popular in fashion nowadays. But this can lead to infection. Because there are many bacteria on the ribs of the tattoo machine. As a result, there is also the possibility of redness or agony of irritation.

Fruit Vegetables Usage:

Many people use different types of fruit to enjoy sexual pleasures. But fruit or vegetables contain several organisms that can cause genital damage.

Leather Penetration Pants:

Increased chances of sexually transmitted genital enzymes are very tight wearing jeans. Due to lack of oxygen and thick cloth, bacteria were born in genitalia. Fruit infections

Extra biking:

During bicycling or biking, the genitals are bound for a long time in the seat of a tight seat, which can lead to infection, bleeding from it.


If sitting in the bathtubs for a long time, the genitals are wet in stagnant water, which can lead to genital herpes. The result is the infection.

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