Pad Giving You A Rash? Here’s Why You Need To Junk It

Periods are a feature of every woman’s life and they last for about 35 years or more. Women use different things for their period blood, from sanitary napkins to tampons, and from cloth pads to menstrual cups.

A majority of women the world over use sanitary napkins because they are the easiest to use, and are widely available across general stores and pharmacies. However, not all pads are created equal: most of them give rise to unpleasant rashes and malodours, while others are not absorbent enough and cause leakages. A surprisingly high number of women report experiencing pad rashes from using sanitary napkins.

If pad rashes are a feature of your period, you’re probably not using the best sanitary pad in India that prevents this problem. You must switch to a better brand that offers a more humane, sustainably made and skin-friendly sanitary napkin. But do read on before you make the switch to another sanitary pads company.

How your pad is constructed

Typically, a sanitary napkin is made of several layers and materials. Its structure is like this:

  • A back sheet commonly comprising polyolefin compounds to hold the pad’s shape and form.
  • An absorbent layer over the back sheet to draw in menstrual blood rapidly and spread it evenly to prevent a back flow. It is commonly made of wood cellulose, an absorbent gel and a thin foam.
  • Over the absorbent core, is the top sheet which is the layer that comes in contact with your skin and vulva. The top sheet may also contain polyolefins, petrolatum and zinc oxide. These ingredients are used in moisturisers to soothe skin chafing and irritation.
  • Some brands insert a fragrance sheet between the top sheet and absorbent layer to impart a mild scent to the pad. Or the scent may be lightly applied to the top sheet.
  • An adhesive layer at the back of the pad keeps it glued to the underwear and prevents slipping and bunching.

Why does your pad give you a rash?

So why does your pad give you a rash, if it already contains substances to prevent this from happening?

Sanitary napkin rashes are known as ‘contact dermatitis’. When it affects the vulva, it is known as ‘vulvitis’. The symptoms include itching, mild soreness at contact points, and redness. Rashes occur because your skin may be allergic to the scent, the material in the top sheet, or the adhesive used. Friction of the pad against the skin also cause rashes. Some pads, especially those which are used for longer than eight hours, might exacerbate or create yeast infections.

At times, rashes also occur if the skin is not dried properly between two pad changes, or if the pad has become moist with overuse. Be sure to change the pad every four to six hours whether it is full or not, if you are prone to pad rashes and irritation.

How to get rid of pad rashes

It naturally follows that you must change your sanitary napkin brand to prevent the problem. Wearing comfortable cotton underwear to prevent pad friction and switching to an unscented sanitary napkin will go a long way in ensuring a happy, comfortable period. You can apply a doctor-prescribed cream to soothe the rash, but do not apply anything inside the vagina. You may also prevent friction by dusting unscented talcum powder on the affected skin.

  • We recommend switching to Nua, some of the best sanitary pads in India. They offer everything that regular pads do not – they are toxin-free, with a wider back for leakproof flow, different sizes of pads to suit different flows, and disposable covers to discreetly throw the used pad.
  • What’s more, you can customise your monthly pad supply from this sanitary pad company as per your flow, number of pads required, frequency of supply, and so on. It is amongst the few companies in India to offer this customisation per customer.
  • With just one use of the Nuawoman sanitary napkin, you will realise the joys of a rash-free, happy period. The pad is thin and highly absorbent to add to your comfort. And it is the best sanitary pad for travelling, since you can add it to the handy Nua pouch along with intimate wash and liners.

Make the switch to a soothing period – start by junking your pack of sanitary pads today!

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