5 Hacks for Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

Back in the 1920s, “rounded droopy eyebrows” were in the beauty trend of women. Actresses like Clara Bow flaunted this shape, but it made many of them look sad. In the 1940s, actress Joan Crawford turned the trend to bolder and thicker brows. Gradually, women like Angelina Jolie started to embrace natural and clean brow shapes. To get the desired shape easily and painlessly, women are now switching from tweezers to electric eyebrow trimmers. Here are some hacks to help you achieve the ideal brow shape you dream of.

5 Tips to Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

  1. Check your face shape: The eyebrow shape sported by your sister may not suit your face shape. Therefore:
  2. Try an angular brow shape on a round face. The strong brow lines can balance the soft facial definition. Your face seemingly gets a more defined bone structure.
  3. Conversely, create rounded brows on a square face. They help soften your facial features and offset an angular jaw.
  4. Arch up your brows higher if your face is heart shaped. They help lengthen face shape by making up for that shorter jaw.
  5. With an oval face, sport any eyebrow shape. Still, soft-angled brows can highlight your symmetrical face shape.
  6. Go for horizontal brows on a long face. They kind of limit the facial length. The face looks shorter. Extend the brow tails to the side to give your face a visual width.
  • Outline the desired shape: Once you’ve voted for a brow shape, use an eyebrow pencil to sketch it precisely. The hairs that fall outside of the outline are your targets for trimming.
  • Clean your tool: It’s so important that your eyebrow trimmer comes with a cleaning brush. You don’t want any residues like dirt, oil or broken hair on the blades to disturb your session or get built up for any bacterial breakouts. So, first, clean the trimming head just like you clean any makeup tool.
  • Use different combs and trimming heads: With an electric trimmer, there’s no risk of cuts or nicks as the blades never touch your skin. So, check the price of electric trimmers online and get the best one for yourself. Besides, the best hack is to use differently sized combs and trimming heads to trim and shape your brows.

How to use an eyebrow trimmer that comes with these features? For trimming, use the smaller head and comb. Hold your skin gently and move the trimmer against the hair growth direction. To shape or contour your brows perfectly, switch to the high-precision head. Touching the skin lightly, push the tool across your brow. 

  • Don’t use a magnifying glass: You don’t need a magnifying glass when grooming your brows. You’d see pores that you didn’t know ever existed and remove the tiniest of hairs. Before realizing it, you may end up with too thin eyebrows. You only need to see the bigger picture. No one sees your brows up-close.

Once ready, bring on your eyebrow trimmer and smoothly create a natural fade. Your brows need not look like twins. Just give them the shape they’re made for!

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