5 Signs You’re Raising an Einstein

Did you know that an impressive amount of child brain development happens during pregnancy? At the time of birth, the child has already developed almost all the neurons they will need for the rest of their lives. Impressive, isn’t it? However, the brain of a child shows amazing development at an early age. And to allow your child to grow mentally and physically, it is necessary to provide them all the right nutrients. Enfagrow A+ is the best choice of fortified milk powder, which contains DHA for optimal cognitive development.

What is more interesting to note is that 90% of the child’s brain develops by the age of 5 years. However, for the overall development of the brain of a child, it is also necessary to provide them a healthy and caring environment for their mental and social growth.

Signs that You are Raising a Genius

  1. Curiosity: Children are naturally interested about the world around them, but a genius comes with unquenchable curiosity, according to a recent article on Reader’s Digest. They tend to inquire about things like the human body, insects, working of appliances and even the stars. It wouldn’t be surprising if your child ends up opening her favorite toy or doll to see what’s inside! They can be tough at times, but their inquisitiveness is what makes them different from other children.
  1. Extremely Focused and Determined: Children with a highly developed brain are more focused and determined than their peer. They have high perseverance to stick to a task till they have mastered it. They generally do not get easily distracted.
  1. Sharp Memory: You may notice that your little genius has a razor-sharp memory. She might also remember the places she visited for the last vacation, things you bought for her or even the names of people that even elders forget. If your child remembers minute details, more than other kids her age, you might be raising a genius at home!
  1. Likes Solving Problems: It is not surprising that the brain of a genius develops faster than that of other kids. They like solving puzzles and finding solutions to small and big problems. They would always be curious to find an alternative and unique way to solve a given problem.
  1. Prefers to be Alone: Gifted children are slightly introverted and enjoy their own company. They prefer reading, playing with their toys, colouring or solving puzzles. They tend to seek the company of slightly older kids to gain higher intellectual knowledge and understanding, says an article on parenting by First Cry. Parents need to respect their child’s choices and not push them to be more social.

Most importantly, remember that every child is unique. Your role as a parent is to ensure optimal brain development for your child. You can do this by encouraging them to explore their environment, try new things and consuming the right nutrients.

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