Ceregrow: An essential meal

While your toddler is fast growing now, it has become increasingly important for you to provide food that will support your toddler’s growth and development. It is essential that the nutritional aspect of the child is taken care of, at all times. Thus, making a conscious choice of opting for foods that nutritionally dense when it comes to feeding your toddler only helps. Therefore, picking foods that are excellent sources of essential vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates can be a great help to support the child development process.

While you are still in the process of making the best choice for your toddler, we give you a few minerals that are crucial and play a vital role in the overall growth and development of the child.


One of the essential aspects of nutrition is Minerals. They help your toddler to perform many crucial functions of the body.  It helps to develop the hormones and stabilize them too. Minerals also help in maintaining a regular heartbeat. Essential minerals such as Iron act as transporters in the blood vessels and pass the oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Minerals such as zinc help build the immunity that prevents the body from catching on infections and viral illnesses. In the longer run, zinc stimulates cell growth and aids the healing of wounds and cuts. Potassium helps the proper functioning of the muscles and nervous system.

You can find these essential minerals in foods such as legumes, citrus fruits, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, etc.


This aspect of the nutritional benefit cannot go missing at all. One of the crucial and basic nutrients for the growth and development of your toddler is calcium. It develops healthy bones, teeth and nails and also supports the overall development of the child. Milk is an excellent source of this nutrient and also considered as one the healthy baby food and should be included at least twice every day.


They are required for the proper functioning of the metabolism. Vitamins play a vital role in keeping the heart healthy and maintaining a sound nervous system. Vitamin B and B12, vitamin D, and vitamin E are crucial for the proper functioning of the body. It also supports the physical and mental growth and development of a child. These vitamins protect the child from chronic diseases in the future. Regulation and maintenance of blood vessels are also done, thanks to these Vitamins.

Vitamins that are essential for the growth and development of the body are found on various food such as meat, eggs, poultry, fish, etc. Apart from this, vegetable oil such as sunflower oil is a great source of vitamin E. Nuts viz. almonds hazelnut and seeds such as sesame seeds are also a great source of vitamins.

Thus, as a parent, all you need to do is ensure that you incorporate all these nutrients in your toddler’s diet daily or you can opt for cereals such as Nestle Ceregrow that is nutrient-dense and packed with all the goodness of multigrain cereal. There are many reasons why Nestle Ceregrow makes for an entire meal; we list down a few of them.

  • Nestle Ceregrow has age-appropriate 15 vitamins and minerals that support your toddler’s overall development
  • It is available in a various choice of flavours to suit your toddler’s palate.
  • Nestle Ceregrow is rich in iron content
  • It supports brain development
  • Nestle Ceregrow is full of vitamins viz. vitamin A, Vitamin C, protein and calcium
  • It does not have any preservatives

With all of these benefits, Nestle Ceregrow makes for an entire and essential meal for a toddler. This cereal is known to fill the nutrition pockets than normal, and solid foods may fail to fill daily.

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