Creating A Hygiene Kit For Your Home During Covid Times

How does the coronavirus enter into your homes and eventually into your bodies? It is not a very difficult thing for the coronavirus to enter into homes and cause havoc in your lives. Everybody today is in a vulnerable position. 

Absolutely nobody is safe and far away from the deadly virus, no matter whether you are vaccinated or not. It is just a moment of time before you are struck by the disease. So prevention is anyways and always better than a cure.

How Does The Virus Enter Into Your Body

Okay, firstly, it must be understood that the easiest route of entering into your body is by touching contaminated surfaces or infected people. So to prevent the virus from entering into your homes is by regular home cleaning to keep it squeaky clean.

The best way to do home cleaning is by using Dettol Disinfectant Spray on surfaces that are likely to be packed with the virus. The first point from where it can enter your home is the doorknob. Immediately spray the doorknob with the spray and, you are quite safe for the moment.

Some Preventive Measures To Stop The Spread

Insist everybody in your family uses preventive measures to stop the disease from entering your homes. Make sure that every member of your family wears a mask every time they step out of the house. And ensure that they carry a bottle of liquid handwash that Dettol manufactures. It is very safe and effective.

When they return, it is the first prerogative of your family member to take a bath with the equally good antibacterial soaps that the company again manufactures. It has been proven to be safe and gentle on the skin yet very tough on the virus. These are but some methods among the many of prevention of diseases. Yet, they are very effective.

After everything is done, ensure that the clothes are washed with a good quality detergent. And as the pandemic is in bad shape, after the clothes are washed, they should be given the last rinse with a few drops of Dettol dropped into the bucket of water. This has been an age-old way of disinfecting the clothes of babies. But today, it applies to even adults. These are at least some sure and quick ways of prevention of diseases.

A Handy Kit To Ensure That Your Home Is Safe During Covid Times

A mother is always the heart of every household. It is she who protects and keeps her family safe at all costs. From ensuring that the home cleaning is done religiously to making sure that her family is safe; she is the central point in the house.

To ensure that your family is safe, keep a hygiene kit ready for your family for all circumstances. In that kit, there should be masks, liquid hand wash, .hand sanitizers, Dettol Disinfectant Sprays, Dettol antibacterial soap, good quality detergents and a bottle of Dettol itself.

This kit is a handy kit that can keep you tension-free and your family apparently protected from all diseases. Apart from the deadly coronavirus, it will protect your family even during other situations where they might fall sick. Nothing can be more precious to you than your family’s life and health. So always be prepared with a kit that you can get only from Dettol.

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