Scooping Up The Cheer

This holiday season plenty of folk are making Do it yourself gifts. A few individuals are still reeling from the suffering economy, and others just love to be crafty. Whatever the reason for selecting DIY Yuletide gifts this year, chocolate spoons are excellent gifts you can make for your loved ones. You will love creating them, and they will love receiving. Chocolate gifts are some examples of the best DIY gifts because everybody likes dark chocolate, and chocolate gifts are a blast to make. You can also get your children involved in the fun!

There are masses of ways to make this present creative and respectable. Perhaps you could use decorative spoons that hold some major between you and the receiver of the present. Perhaps you could make a small bouquet of these spoons and put them in a fun mug for your friend to enjoy. A jar of hot cocoa mix also makes a fabulous addition to these chocolate spoons. You may also simply wrap them in colourful cellophane paper and tie them with an ornamental ribbon. The possibilities are really never-ending!

You’ll just need a few easy materials for this project. You will need spoons you don’t mind giving away. These can be metal spoons or plastic spoons ( make sure there aren’t any PVCs in the plastic spoons as these chemicals can leak into the chocolate ). You may also need wax paper, a cookie sheet, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and a flavoring oil of your preference such as vanilla, Kahlua, or mint.

Simply line the cookie sheet with wax paper and melt the milk chocolate in a double boiler. Stir the chocolate frequently, adding flavoring oil if desired. Take care that the chocolate doesn’t get too hot, or it may melt a plastic spoon. Dip the spoons in the liquified chocolate so that about 1 / 4 of an inch into the handle is covered in chocolate. Turn the spoon side up to get rid of any extra chocolate by tapping it against your pot. Place the spoons on the cookie sheet and refrigerate for half an hour. Now the decorating starts! Melt the dark chocolate and white chocolate separately one minute at a time in the microwave using low heat. Once liquified, drip white or dark chocolate on the milk chocolate spoons to make gorgeous designs. Also, once the 1st layer of chocolate has hardened, you can double dip the spoon into another type of chocolate. Crumbled candy canes or hazelnuts can also be drizzled into the freshly dipped spoons. Chill the spoons in the refrigerator.

Now it’s down to you how you package your superb gifts! Your chums are going to love these treats!

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