What’s On The (Low Carb) Breakfast Table

I always wake up starving. It must be due to the fact that I’ve been used to a lifetime of waking up and having breakfast right away. It’s tiring having to decide what to eat when you’re barely awake and none of the choices sound that great. I have a preference for low carb breakfast foods. I can choose from a variety of foods that range from muffins and pancakes to eggs and omelets.

Eggs and its derivatives are the main foods out there for low carb breakfasts. The low carb recipes are testament to that fact. There a thousands of ways to make an omelet, some simple and some elaborate. Omelets are generally very easy to prepare, but with a few tricks and tips from experts, you can make them even better.

First, always fry the vegetables first as they take longer to cook than the eggs. People like their onions fully cooked when added to omelets. Place a bit of butter into the frying pan and sautee the chopped onions until they turn transparent.

Second, use flavorful elements in your omelet. Eggs are not very tasteful so whatever you decide to put in with the eggs must have lots of flavor. That’s the reason why bacon is a favorite omelet add-on. Another good addition is onions. Leeks in my omelets have slowly grown on me. You can also add seasoning to make the omelets more flavorful. Hot sauce can be added for those who like some spice. Sometimes I beat the eggs with the spices and condiments just to spread them throughout the omelet. You can also add a pinch of salt in the same way.

The third step is to cook the eggs but not too much. That is the most important thing you should remember. If the eggs are overcooked, they will be dry and you won’t feel any urge to eat them despite the great added ingredients you put in there. The best-tasting eggs, when cooked, should still maintain some softness. If you think the eggs might be getting overdone, then they are definitely done! You might find it difficult to judge when the eggs are cooked just right. It is unfortunately a very fine line. You will need a lot of experience to be able to make the correct judgment. After having cooked a lot of omelets, you will find that you have an easier time figuring out if the eggs are done.

When you are scrambling eggs, these same tips can also be followed. However, low carb egg products are not limited to omelets and scrambles only. There are also the equally famous baked eggs. You can bake eggs using a simple muffin pan. The pan can easily accommodate one egg. Next, you can top it with bacon and other spices. Just pop the tray into the oven and go about your early morning rituals as it bakes.

Perhaps you also find yourself hard-pressed for time to even make a simple omelet in the morning. Something really quick is needed. Low carb cereal or ready made muffins would be ideal. Protein shakes are also very quick solutions. These can be made with just a shaker and some protein powder. Or you may add coconut milk and some fruits for the more complex protein shakes. Even with some extra ingredients, these shakes rarely take more than a few minutes to make. This leaves you full and nourished as well as plenty of time to get to work or school.

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