Which is a good hand wash for removing bacteria and germs?

Whatever object you touch in your daily life contains some amount of bacteria and germs. When you eat or feed a baby, the same bacteria travel through the mouth to the stomach. This makes you ill and you end up having a bad day, isn’t it?

By washing hands with the right product can prevent the attack of bacteria and germs. Fight with their harmful effects using an ayurvedic hand wash. Today, you can find a variety of handwash in the market.

The use of hand washes has increased in recent times due to covid-19. People have learned the importance of handwashing.

Are you seeking an effective hand wash, which can help you to fight with Covid-19? Let’s end your wait here! You are going to meet only and most effective hand wash. Ever heard about Medimix ayurvedic hand wash?

Why people should use Medimix Ayurvedic Hand Wash?

Medimix Ayurvedic hand wash ranges are better at handling germs and bacterial attacks. With the 10 seconds of its use, it kills 99.9% of germs. The product is free from Triclosan, Soap, and Paraben. Hence, it doesn’t damage your skin the way chemicals do. Feel safe and secure with Medimix range of hand washes. For now, the best one we can recommend is Neem, Tulsi, and Aloe Vera hand wash.

How Medimix Neem Hand Wash works?

Medimix Neem, Tulsi, and Aloe Vera handwash has been tested and suggested by dermatologists. They found that it produces no side effects. The presence of Neem is the cherry on the cake.

Neem has many antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is efficacious against several skin diseases, infections, and allergies.

Tulsi is known as the natural immune booster. It has been regarded as the “Queen of herbs”. Its presence does wonder by killing germs and bacteria. Aloe vera prevents the skin from turning rough. Frequent washing leads to rough and dry skin. Overall, these ingredients are responsible for keeping germs away from your hand.

Benefits of using Medimix Hand Wash

Some of the daily benefits of Medimix Neem, Tulsi, and Aloe Vera face wash are listed down here:

Chemical Free

The best part of using Medimix Hand wash is that it is completely chemical-free. This means that the skin of your hand will remain soft regardless of the number of washes. Normal hand wash products can never provide you soft texture and gentle look but Medimix Neem hand wash can.

No irritation

If your skin is sensitive, it can’t bear the harsh effects of chemical-containing hand wash. It will only irritate your skin. It’s better to switch to ayurvedic hand wash for dirt removal and killing germs.


Many times, fungal infections on our hands can be easily treated with Medimix Neem face wash. All you need to wash your hands frequently and don’t worry about dryness. This won’t happen due to the presence of aloe vera extracts.

Heals Skin

Is your skin damaged with washing hands quite often? It’s time to replace your usual hand wash with Medimix Neem hand wash. It will heal the rough skin and you will get the same smoothness back.

Wrapping it Up

Incorporate the use of Medimix ayurvedic Hand washes in your daily routine. Make sure to wash your hand after every meal, going the bathroom, and touching untidy objects. You never know where the germs are sitting and waiting for your touch. Take care of yourself with Neem hand wash. Let us know in the comments whether you are trying it and why?

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