Tips for couples to get ready for IVF treatment

Infertility is something that affects couples not only physically but also emotionally. Couples failing to conceive, find it hard to identify what is wrong with them and what they need to do to manage the situation. Consulting the best fertility clinic in Bangalore can help you in getting effective treatment and a deep understanding of your condition.

You should always consult a specialist in the IVF centre to understand the process and find out if it is the best option. One thing to ensure is that you always visit the best IVF centre in India to get the right and timely treatment for your infertility. Here are a few tips that will help you with the IVF procedure:

  1. Do proper research – Selecting a good IVF centre is the key to improving your chance of conceiving. Every clinic is different depending on the skills of the technicians and the process through which an embryo is developed and implanted. You should make a list of all the IVF centres in your cities and find out the details and success rate of all the ones before settling for the one. Consider finding the answers to the following questions:
  2. What is the pregnancy ratio per embryo transfer?
  3. What is the rate of pregnancy in the couples of your age with your problem?
  4. Find out the board certification and accreditation of the IVF centre.
  5. Find out the IVF treatment cost.
  6. Find out the number of successful pregnancies with twins or multiple births.
  7. Avoid ejaculation for a few days to increase your sperm count – Your male partner should avoid ejaculation for a few days before the sperm donation. Avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation as that will boost the sperm count and will increase the chance of a successful IVF procedure. Your semen should also be analyzed before IVF, as its quality can change with time.
  8. Have a good diet – A study proved that eating food rich in monosaturated fats can help women in getting a successful IVF. The good fats lower inflammation, improve fertility and protect your heart. Good sources of monosaturated fat are nuts, avocados, sunflower oil, nuts, and olive oil.
  9. Meditation – Stress affects your fertility in a negative way, and it also reduces the chances of IVF to becomes successful. It is normal to be a little worried about the outcome of the procedure, but it is important that you find time to de-stress in your day-to-day routine. Meditation that focuses on breathing techniques can lessen your stress and help your body in conceiving.
  10. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and high glycaemic index food – Foods having low GI are slow to digest and maintain a steady energy supply. Legumes, low-fat dairy, sweet potato, broccoli, etc., have a low glycaemic index. In addition, avoid caffeine and alcohol as both affect the growth and development of the fetus.

The above given few tips will help you in maintaining a healthy life and in making your IVF success. You should always remember that emotional and physical well-being is very important in getting a desirable outcome from IVF treatment.

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