How to Cope with Menopause Symptoms?

A very common question any woman would wonder about, in her late 40s and early 50s, is when will she reach her menopause. About 5% of women experience early menopause naturally, according to an article on Healthline. Metropolitan cities like Delhi have a fast paced lifestyle where women are constantly trying to balance between their personal and professional lives. The everyday pressure often leads to smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise etc. These are a few basic causes of early onset of menopause, says a few of the best gynecologists in Delhi.

What are the Symptoms of Menopause

Symptoms of menopause begin to have an effect on women even before it actually begins. This happens due to the hormonal changes which the body is going through. This stage is often known as Perimenopause. A few symptoms that menopause is on the way are:

  1. Sudden sensation of fever
  2. Unbalanced and irregular period
  3. Sluggishness most of the time
  4. Memory lapses every now and then
  5. Excessive sweating due to hot flashes at night

How to Deal with the Symptoms

Hormones play a severe role during the time of menopause because one phase of life is ending, giving way to another. This is a crucial time to keep your mental, physical and emotional well being under constant supervision. Let us look into a 5 ways in which you can cope up with the menopause symptoms.

1. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet

Eating your greens is always a healthy way of reducing many symptoms. They help reducing bone loss, keep your estrogen levels at check and also keep away many diseases. Since they are low in calories, they prevent excessive weight gain but make you feel full at the same time.

2. Regular exercise

Exercising every day helps you to improve metabolism, makes your joints and bones healthier, relives you of stress and lets you sleep better. Low mood, insomnia and anxiety etc are prevented with regular physical activities. It also provides better protection against other conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke etc

3. Avoid processed food

Carbs and sugar lead to rise and fall in sugar levels, making you feel sluggish and heightened emotions for no reason. Apart from that, it can also lead to increased risks of depression and lowering your bone health. Apart from avoiding processed food, it is always better to never skip you regular, healthy meals.

4. Use vaginal estrogens and lubricants

Your vaginal walls are likely to get thinner leading to damage and tear. Using water based lubricants are best during this time as they can be washed off easily as compared to the silicone ones. Estrogen creams too, help in preventing the estrogen level drop in your vagina. This will prevent unnecessary dryness or pain during intercourse.

5. Drink sufficient water

Decrease in estrogen levels cause dryness in the body. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday can help prevent the same. Water is also known to prevent bloating of your body which is a common occurrence of hormonal changes. Water also helps in increasing the energy level to some extent. 

Right diet and taking proper care of yourself during this time can help you alleviate all the associated problem, according to the best gynecologists of Delhi.

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