Is it safe to use Period Underwear While Swimming?

Girls do stress out and panicky with the arrival of the period before any event. This happens because periods come with their own set of problems. Just imagine this situation happening at the beach and spoiling your swimming plans.

Most will suggest you wrap yourself in a beach towel and enjoy the beach sitting on a lounge chair. But now it’s possible to enjoy your swimming even during periods. Period underwear is an absolute saviour for women wanting to swim “on those days of the month”.

Though some necessary things should be care of before indulging in water in the state of mensuration. These precautions shall keep you in a healthy state in water during the periods.

Does swimming possess any sort of health risk to the woman during menses?

No, medical studies reveal that there is no sort of health risk associated with woman swimming during periods. It is safe to swim in periods. As per misconception, the water doesn’t enter the vagina. But in reality, swimming could help women in getting rid of menstrual cramps.

Does the period stop when women swim?

Don’t believe any sense rumours that period stops while you swim upon. But on contrary, the bleeding slows down while being in the water. This happens due to the coldness that constricts the blood vessels due to the blood pressure.

Precautions to take while swimming during your periods

  • Avoid the use of pads during swimming as they absorb water. This makes the whole swimming experience much messier.
  • You could use tampons if menstrual cups are not available but do change them shortly post after the swimming session. The reason is it partially absorbs the water.
  • Menstrual cups are mandatory in swimming. They are made of rubber or silicone. Being a flexible cup, it collects the period’s blood without any sort of leakage. Eventually much safe posse’s lowest risk of infection.

All these above precautions while swimming does diminish the fear of leakage of blood during swimming. But wearing suitable period-friendly swimwear is much vital. Period underwear is a total rescue for women while swimming.

Period panty may look like a normal panty but keeps the moisture away from the skin thereby soaking the menstrual blood. They do work as leakproof swimwear.

How do period panties work?

Period panties are made from an absorbent material that contains moisture-wicking fabric made from thousands of small filaments. These kinds of fabrics do trap the menstrual blood and avoid leakage.

During this period underwear is just made up of an extra layer. It has a special fabric attached to the crotch area for the absorption of menstrual blood. You could wash them or wear them multiple times. Eventually a reusable lingered for the woman saving the environment.

Period panties work as a moisture barrier to make a woman comfortable. It helps in the prevention of any type of leakage and staining.

Can period panties be subject to staining during swimming?

No, wearing period panties while swimming won’t leave a bloody trail in the water. Due to water pressure, the menstrual flow gets slowed down. Make sure to wear the menstrual cup along with the period panty.

Precautions you need to take while wearing period panties while swimming

  • Avoid the usage of fabric softener or bleach as it results negatively impacts quality of period panty
  • Hand washes the panty underwear
  • Use the delicate detergent for washing it
  • Don’t soak the period panty in hot water as it may reduce the effectiveness of the period panty

Secure your comfortable sense by wearing period panty You can remain stress-free just by wearing period panty while swimming. There will be no sort of leakage issue in swim miming. Just take proper care of the period panty for its long effectiveness.

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