Is Your Pad Making You Uncomfortable? Switch To A Better One NOW

It’s the same old story: you get your period, you use the usual brand of sanitary napkins, you soon develop a rash, your period ends. But why is this your story every month, for years? It’s time you changed how it goes and get the happy ending you deserve. And it all starts with finding the best rash free sanitary pad.

Why does your pad not like you?

Generically created, mass-produced sanitary pads can hardly be the solution for a happy and comfortable period. Most of us are so used to a certain brand that it never occurs to us to change our pads if they are causing any discomfort. A sanitary napkin is supposed to feel completely dry and not make you aware of its presence. Instead, your pad is bulky, feels moist all the time, and causes rashes and irritation.

All of these signs point to the obvious fact that your current napkin is unsuitable for you. A lot of things can irritate the vulva and surrounding skin, from the top sheet to any fragrance used, and from the adhesive to the absorbent layer. Here are some common problems women face with generic sanitary napkins:

  • It is available in one size, which does not account for different kinds of flow
  • The pad does not stick on properly, which causes it to move around or come unstuck
  • It is not absorbent enough, so you keep feeling wetness all the time
  • It is not thin enough, so it feels bulky during use
  • It does not fit the sides of the underwear properly, which causes leaks
  • It chafes the skin and causes rashes

Switch to a pad that loves you

Every woman deserves the best rash free sanitary pads. Periods are painful and uncomfortable as they are, without adding napkin rash and irritation to the mix. But does such a pad exist?

Yes, it does – try the Nuawoman’s soft sanitary napkins. They are super thin and ultra comfortable, so you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a pad on the most heavy flow days. The pad stays put and does not shift around, and it has a wider back to trap any potential leaks. The top layer stays dry and the pad does not allow any backflow after rapidly absorbing the blood. Besides, the pad is made of soft cotton and no toxic chemicals, so you will never experience rashes or any irritation on using it.

Nua also sends you pads of various sizes based on your flow, which most sanitary pad companies in India do not. You can order a certain number of pads every month and change the customisation at any time, or cancel your subscription. The pads are delivered in the required quantity and suitable to your period needs, every month.

What’s more, each pad comes with its own cover so disposing of the used pad is really easy. The covers also make the pads easy to carry on holidays and outings. It’s time to bid adieu to nasty pads and welcome the best rash free sanitary pads from Nua.

Some tips on having a happy period

  • You will experience mood swings as part of your period. This is normal, because your body is undergoing hormonal changes during this time. Try and remain cheerful and indulge in hobbies or watch TV shows that make you laugh and improve your mood.
  • As the oestrogen levels in your body drop with the period’s onset, you will feel sleepy and tired. Take a couple of days off to rest and sleep as much as you can.
  • Yoga and moderate physical activity alleviate period pains. Try brisk walking or jogging for 30 minutes, or take the help of a yoga practitioner to learn asanas that relieve bloating and discomfort. 
  • Drink plenty of fluids in the form of plain water, green/chamomile/ginger tea, vegetable or lean meat soup, fresh fruit juice or smoothie. This helps flush out toxins and eases digestive upsets during this time. Upping your fluid and fibre intake is important if you suffer from constipation during your periods.
  • You might experience headaches and abdominal cramping during your period. Your doctor can prescribe a painkiller if your headaches are severe. You can use a Nua heating patch for your cramps – just place it on your lower abs and let the patch heat up using your body heat. The patch can stay on for eight hours to loosen the tense ab muscles and relieve cramps and discomfort.
  • Use panty liners before and after your period. You will need them before the period starts to trap white discharge that increases as the period approaches, and after the period to keep spotting from ruining your underwear. Nua has an excellent line of thin and super comfortable panty liners to try.

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