Skin Care and Diet During the Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is well and truly upon us. As romantic as the season is, it is also a time when your skin and body undergo some changes. Dealing with your menstrual period during this season also becomes slightly more stressful.

From using the right panty liner pads to getting exercise, we list some skin and body care tips for the season:

#1 Cleanse your skin every day.

The change in season marks the beginning of pimples, acne and excessively oily skin. Humid weather causes the sebum glands (oil glands in the skin) to overproduce and secrete oil. This makes the skin greasy; it traps environmental dust and grime, thus becoming a hotbed for blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acne. Whether you have normal or oily skin, you must care for it during this season by removing all traces of excess oil and not allowing any acne or pimples to grow. Cleanse your face twice daily and follow up with a water-based moisturiser for a dewy fresh look.

#2 Eat light meals.

Your metabolism slows down dramatically during the monsoon season. Strangely, you crave junk and fried food during this time, but we urge you to stay away. Not only is junk food high in trans fats, it is also difficult to digest when your metabolism has already slowed down. Consume light meals such as fresh salads, or brown rice with steamed vegetables, or lean meat sandwiches. Keep yourself hydrated with water infused with lemon slices, or green tea, and have turmeric milk once a week to boost your immunity.

#3 Keep your clothes mould-free.

The damp weather gives rise to fungal and mould infestations on every surface in your home, including your clothes. Clothing that is folded away is also susceptible to fungal growths. Wearing these clothes gives rise to skin allergies and rashes. Use a steam iron on your clothes before wearing them, and make sure you wash your used clothing in special antiseptic liquid or an antibacterial detergent to remove all vestiges of fungal or mould infestations.

#4 Shower twice a day during your period.

Getting a period is the last thing any woman wants, especially when out of doors and caught in a downpour. But you must make the best of a bad situation, and we’ve got some helpful suggestions. Buy good quality sanitary napkins from a brand like Nua, which has super absorbent and rash-free pads customised to your period flow. When your period ends, use Nua’s panty liner pads to stop spotting and white discharge from spoiling your underwear. Make sure you wash yourself during your period with a good intimate wash for women. And on the days you have severe period cramping and pain, use Nua’s heating patch to get relief from the discomfort.

#5 Exercise.

You might feel tired and sleepy during your period – this happens due to a drop in estrogen levels. To counteract this, the brain signals the body to rest, and you should. The cold monsoon weather might also make you want to lie under the covers all day. But if you want a happier period during this season, you must make it a point to exercise as regularly as you can. Join a gym for three months if excessive rain cancels your outdoor jog or walk. Or enrol for a dancercise class to get your heart pumping. Exercise releases feel-good hormones called endorphins in your bloodstream, that elevate your mood and block some of the pain receptors that warn you about period pain. If you are on a strict diet and exercise regimen but still don’t see any weight loss, read up on what you should do. Read here: A strict diet but no weight loss? An expert finds the answer

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